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Makka Engineering Industries

We specialize in the industry of Air ducts
for central air conditioning

About us

MAKKA factory is specialized in manufacturing high quality HVAC Aluminum, Galvanized steel & stainless steel ducts (Rectangular or Circular) and its all fittings and accessories using latest advanced technology machines.

Aided by its founders which are having long experience of over 15 years in the fields of duct manufacturing, consultancy, and construction, the organization was established to meet all the market requirements and to become the real Representation of its Slogans.


With its professionally well trained staff and engineers familiar with the needed programs like CAMDUCT & CAD MEP and its strict Quality Control and Quality Assurance policy, MAKKA has built the bridge of trust in the market with all its clients and business partners.

MAKKA has easy access to all CAIRO, GIZA & new Administrative Capital. The company continues to strive for growth and excellence in serving the needs of the Air-conditioning industries with high-qualified

HVAC service.

Our mission is to provide a superior level of HVAC products, HVAC ducting systems and air diffusion products to needed solutions to workplace related work quality problems on a global scale.


Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer of HVAC systems, the prima service provider of control air conditioning fields all over Egypt and become a workplace of quality solutions in order to provide a better, safer and healthier environment of people.

Quality Constants

MAKKA follows the rules and regulations in force of the industry standard according to ISO 9001 & international standard specifications SMACNA HVAC guide which is documents that significantly cover the quality standards of our product.

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