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Raw Material

MAKKA uses different materials as per project requirements and subtitled below is sample and not limited:


MS (Black) Steel

Black steel material fabricates high thickness steel resulting to more strong and suitable for high pressure duct such as main kitchen exhaust, stack duct in an automobile industry.


 Stainless Steel

Commercial applications for stainless steel ductwork are useful for businesses and large manufacturing companies that need proper installation for large applications and industrialized construction. Using stainless steel ductwork for applications is just as strong as galvanized and aluminum and it resists corrosives.

Stainless steel is perfect for applications such as Refinery Labs, Hospitals & food processing plants since the salts are resisted making it a better choice than materials such as galvanized steel.


Galvanized Steel

Galvanized ductwork is the most common material used in the Market so it is the main core of our products and we have a large experience in that field, starting from what kind of material finishes to the galvanized degree.

Makka have a team which is responsible for choosing the material used in the manufacturing process in order to meet customer requirements.

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